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Dan Hughes

Negotiator, The Negotiating Guru

Dan Hughes, Founder of bridge][ability ltd, and The Negotiating Guru.


Dan Hughes has been a Commercial Negotiation Consultant for 13 years, most recently establishing bridge][ability ltd in 2012 and The Negotiating Guru in 2017.


He has worked across the globe in such sectors as media, technology, energy, retail and FMCG, with a list of clients worked with which includes Tesco, BBC Worldwide, Reiss, Asda, Unilever, Baxter Healthcare, Mars, ConocoPhillips, Everything Everywhere, The Football Association and a number of Premier League football clubs, amongst many others.

He has recently been training some of the Brexit negotiation team.


In 2017 he made a Dispatches programme for Channel 4 with Remedy Productions in which he lent his expertise in advising individuals as to how to negotiate a payrise. He has also appeared on the BBC being interviewed about the state if the Brexit negotiations amongst other topics; and to do the Paper Review on BBC Breakfast.


Apart form his media work and speaking engagements worldwide, his time is spent training his corporate clients in the art of negotiation, or consulting on negotiation projects such as M&A, Joint Business Plans or price increases.


He is now viewed as one on the world’s leading authorities on negotiation.


He is married with 2 daughters and enjoys chess and competing in triathlons.